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Will Huey feedback help Mi-8 be a better module?

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The creation of the module and received player feedback of DCS:Huey will be used as a working base for DCS:Mi-8TV2 creation? For example, a lot of people requested "slick" variant of the Huey, me included, and Belsimtek will add it to final release. Will we see a unarmed version of the Mi-8 too?

And in the same line of tought, Belsimtek is working on infantry ops for the Huey, (hope they succeed), will be possible to have infantry ops, on the Mi-8 as well??



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I cannot speak for Belsimtek, but I dare to say that their reply will be obviously YES.


Once developed, things like troop transport and (hopefully) slingload capability will become part of DCS: World and will be available for anyone who knows how to implement them. Or at least for any other Belsimtek module, that's for sure.


Actually, I believe that Mi-8 will include many of these features already in Beta. Once these functions will work for one module, it will be not that complicated to implement them into another one IMO.

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