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A-10C Polished Aluminum?


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Hi, I'm new with skinning and I was wondering if I could get a pointer on making a polished aluminum finish on the A-10c like the P-51D. Is this even possible? I've done a bit of skinning but not like this. I know there is some LUA editing but had no luck:(.


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I finally got it while making the structure similar to the P-51, but didn't get the shine I wanted. Wasn't good enough. Tried making the Spec file fully blue and that didn't do the trick so I don't know what will.


If any one's interested here's the code for the liveries description lua


livery = {
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-a", 0 ,"a10C_DIF_Fuz_Front",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-b", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-c", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-d", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-e", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-f", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-g", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-h", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-i", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-j", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-k", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-L", 0 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-a", 2 ,"a10C_SPEC_Fuz_Front",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-b", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-c", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-d", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-e", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-f", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-g", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-h", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-i", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-j", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-k", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10C_PAINT_1-L", 2 ,"",false};
   {"A-10_Number", 0 ,"empty",true};
   {"A-10_Number_Noze_F", 0 ,"empty",true};
   {"A-10_Number_Noze_T", 0 ,"empty",true};
   {"A-10_Number_Wheel", 0 ,"empty",true};

countries = {"USA"}

There's only one skin template in there so that's just an example.


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A-10C cannot be made polished aluminum because it does not use the same shader as the P-51 for the airframe.

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