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Cold War Warrior campaign help


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So, yesterday I started playing SU-25 campaign. Before that, I spent some time flying custom missions to learn how to employ weapons and fly the aircraft. However, I think I need some help and advice. Anyway...


In the first mission of the campaign, your task is to meet up with the rest of the strike package and then strike the column of German MBTs (12 of them). You have one wingman, but since he's dumb as brick, he's useless. "Mission and rejoin" doesn't work, "Engage ground targets" sends him to engage SAM 10nm away, "Engage my target" doesn't work either.


You have 2-25L*2, KH-25ML*2, RBK-500*2, B-8MI*2, R-60M*2. And here's my problem. I always run out of ammo before I can even destroy all those tanks. Is this me being really bad pilot or the mission design is... sketchy? Softer targets would be easier to destroy but tanks are really tough.


I made similar mission with 12 MBTs and SU-25 AI (excellent) with the same loadout and the results were:


1st attempt - 6 tanks destroyed

2nd attempt - 3 tanks destroyed

3rd attempt - 4 tanks destroyed.


So... how am I supposed to do that? Could anybody with more experience tell me what I could do better? Should I just fly back, rearm and strike again when the rest of the package is already shot down or pilots are already in their pyjamas at the base? Thank you.



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If I remember the setup of this mission correctly, you are tasked to strike the tanks, not to destroy a set amount of them. So as long as you attacked them and did the best you could, the mission will be counted as accomplished even if you do not destroy a single one of them. As a Su-25 driver your job is to move explosives to a certain area, what damage these explosives do is out of your control :) Points will be accredited when returning to base if I remember correctly.

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