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[DCS World: Black Shark 2] Small Hud Mod


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If you have been flying the black shark for some time you might have noticed that around the edges of the HUDs projection there are jaggies so big that they could poke your eyes out if you are not careful, this mod makes those jaggies much smaller and puts a small center dot on the targeting piper. Of course if you do not like the center dot you can easily remove it by deleting the "Indication_hud_ka-50.tga" file.

The mod is also already setup for JGSME, so you can easily put the extracted directory in the JGSME mods folder.











- UPDATE #1: Moved the center dot off center, now it should point exactly where the shkval is pointing, also added a alternative version.

To use the alternative version simply delete the "_ALT" part of the Indication_hud_ka-50_ALT.tga file and replace it in Mods\aircrafts\Ka-50\Cockpit\Resources\IndicationTextures.


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