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DCS ruined my simmer life :-/

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In the good sense :-)


In the sense that, it is now impossible for me to get satisfaction out of the other simulators, maybe with the exception of MS FLIGHT (and I really can't say why, because it is, in terms of systems modelling, a lot more limited / basic, and apart from a few aircraft the cockpitless models are very poor...).


The other sims all feel so dumb when it comes to flight dynamics that I always have to start DCS after a small digression to FSX or X-Plane worlds...


There simply is no such coherence in the flight dynamics, no such capability of replicating RW flight sensations, and even pushing the aircraft to the limits of the flight envelope (if that exists) and still get a plausible response. On those sims sometimes the simplest maneuver, like a turn, reveals so many problems / limitations, engine modeling is sometimes so poor, even for the basic reciprocating type, that I really see no point in using them other than for being able to access "the whole World", having civil aircraft to fly, and maybe being able to get online rw weather updates


Even on the weather side of the simulation, I have just begun to experiment with DCS's dynamic weather, and I am finding it a lot more challenging and complex than the default weather model. Setting cyclonic activity and varying weather conditions according to it makes quite a difference!

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With products like DCS A-10C, BS2, and FC3, I am such a HUGE fan of ED. The extraordinary lengths they go through to make the aircraft flight dynamics and weapons systems accurate is obvious, and I am continuously amazed at their attention to detail. You can tell that unlike most game studios, ED actually love the products they make and they keep making them better. I have also tried most other flight sims out there, and DCS is hands-down the absolute best. People will always complain about the tiniest little meaningless details (like how the sky should be a slightly different shade of blue) but overall, I have been so impressed with ED that I've been buying their products since 2006 (original flaming cliffs). Love it! Keep up the excellent work ED, so many people love your sims.


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my summer was ruined ages ago.... welcome to the club :D


ehem.. Simmer life...

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