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Show ground textures in mission editor?

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This might have been asked before but I couldn't find anything with search.


Is there a way to show the ground textures in the mission editor?


This is especially helpful when I want to place units/objects inside certain ground texture elements such as for instance a very bright field.



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Yes, well sort of. Open the multiplayer exe and the single player exe at the same time. Create your mission in single player - save and then load in multiplayer as a LAN mission to check the positions of your objects.


Then take notes of adjustments - exit, go back in single player, make changes - save and reload the mission in multiplayer.


* Make sure you set the full screen OFF and lowered the resolution on both single and multiplayer so that you can have both windows and switch between them with ease without pressing Alt-Tab. This is the most efficient and fast way I know. It will bring your PC down to it's knees but it's worth it. You can make amazing missions like this.


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ED should really learn a thing or two from the Arma editor. In that you can at least get very clear contour lines and most objects have a unique or at least somewhat scaled 2d picture that basically traces a top down representation of what the object would look like.


Much of these are actually not perfect, bad proportions and wrong scale, but with enough experience you get a feel for where it really is whereas with the whole military map icon thing you're basically stuck with a clumsy silly system.


Placing objects in the DCS World editor is... maddening. But there's so much to like, if this one thing was changed it would be so much easier to make missions. How much time would you save making a mission then?

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