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CDU Bug creating Waypints to Flight Plan


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yesterday i experimented the folowing. I think is a BUG.


I was creating in a training day a new flightplan under CDU on ramp. The flight plant consist on 5 waypoints.


when i was adding waypoints i made the mistake adding 7 waipoints. Must be 6.


I think, no problem, i will goes to the maximun adding wp and cdu will go back to 0. (bad idea on real life because after i discover that real CDU have posibility to add 9999 wp).


Well when i was on more or less WP 54, the cdu goes to ?-1 and i cant add any waypoint more.


Well i think, no problem, i will create a new flight plant and will create again 6 waipoints.


i cant because on the nw flight plan R3 still on ?-1


pics this night (working now)

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