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Need some help


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I want to buy the black shark 2 but every time i add it to my cart and then go to the cart to checkout i automatically log out and it tell me to sign in to buy it. So do i need to crate a new account or am i doing something wrong? I bought the Uh 1H before with the same account:helpsmilie:. Also i am looking for a start up manual with pics like a pdf document so i can start it up :D



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Nvm this it worked now :D But i still need a start up guide :D



So here comes my "standard Ka-50 newbie reply" wink.gif:



First download Bigfoots interactive training missions

>>> KA-50 Black Shark 2 Training missions




Read also besides the manual this:

DCS: Black Shark...

Technical, Simplified

-Coaxial Rotor Aerodynamics

-Trimming the Ka-50 Black Shark <<<!!!! very important to understand this fully!

-Part 1 - Autopilot <<<this too!

-Part 2 - Autopilot


and when you are confident about your cyclic-trim,

you want to read about your rotor-pitch trim (aka collective brake):

Collective Brake - aka Collective Trim ... and why you should use it.


And when you still have time , read this too:

A Stick and Rudder Man's Guide

to DCS: Black Shark


Here is a useful tweak if you using real rudders:

How to unchain the rudder from trim - solution


Things you want to have some day too:

KA-50 collective: another picture-tale

Two MS FFB2 with Cougar Grip


Another very useful hardware mod:

>>> How To: Remove centre detend from Saitek Pro Flight Rudder


Welcome aboard!

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In answer to your original question, I had to switch to firefox from chrome when FC3 came out because of the same problem.


You just have to clear cookies.



@ OP, can I take you under my rotor, and teach you some shiz?


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