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:) normal you fix a problem by knowing what might have caused it... - but your post gives ZERO clues what this might have been.

Read it again and try to imagine I would ask you the same question:


I have the installer now for the patch. I have all files installed on "E" this creates a problem, how can I fix this please?




Try it again like this:

Imagine to write a letter to my grandma - and describe in this letter exactly what you have done - so my Grandma is able to reproduce your steps 100% without that You or I have to sit beside her while she follows the instruction.

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I seem to resolve most problems that I started tickets for. Just need help here please, urgently, so I can fly.

I have down loaded the BS2, installed, I own BS original.

Everything is installed on a secondry hard drive “E”

For BS2 to run I need DCS World, downloaded, it will not install, I think this has something to do with the directory, I dont know.


Please can you help.





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what exactly did you download ? - all 5 files ? All in the same folder and you started the EXE ?



>>> http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/dcs_world/



File Name: DCS_World_1.2.4.12913_186-4.bin

File Size: 145.77 Mb

MD5: 48a8654d2f717fa000831bae198c4525


File Name: DCS_World_1.2.4.12913_186-3.bin

File Size: 1.86 Gb

MD5: 904a141b9f89f9dbe8ed4297b4bfce23




File Name: DCS_World_1.2.4.12913_186-2.bin

File Size: 1.86 Gb

MD5: 2e422f6b114f1058732f4184c9e1a372




File Name: DCS_World_1.2.4.12913_186-1.bin

File Size: 1.86 Gb

MD5: 1a5dae6a4783d6bc93f59b4d451bccb3



File Name: DCS_World_1.2.4.12913_186.exe

File Size: 2.37 Mb

MD5: 2d93c03c90c7a1048d3de916d2b2e12f

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I really need a walk through here, been up all night


a walk trough on what ? - clicking 5 files and saving them in one folder and than running the EXE ? -





Maybe this helps too if you got stuck: :


Step out of your house > get some cake > go to your friendly neighbour with a I-net connection > show him this thread > ask for help !



And another advise: Read the documentation and all ReadMe files ( don't just close them ) when you got it installed...




And here comes my "standard Ka-50 newbie reply" wink.gif:



First download Bigfoots interactive training missions

>>> KA-50 Black Shark 2 Training missions




Read also besides the manual this:

DCS: Black Shark...

Technical, Simplified

-Coaxial Rotor Aerodynamics

-Trimming the Ka-50 Black Shark <<<!!!! very important to understand this fully!

-Part 1 - Autopilot <<<this too!

-Part 2 - Autopilot


and when you are confident about your cyclic-trim,

you want to read about your rotor-pitch trim (aka collective brake):

Collective Brake - aka Collective Trim ... and why you should use it.


And when you still have time , read this too:

A Stick and Rudder Man's Guide

to DCS: Black Shark


Here is a useful tweak if you using real rudders:

How to unchain the rudder from trim - solution


Things you want to have some day too:

KA-50 collective: another picture-tale

Two MS FFB2 with Cougar Grip


Another very useful hardware mod:

>>> How To: Remove centre detend from Saitek Pro Flight Rudder


Welcome aboard!

Edited by PeterP

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I see it now, thanks Peter.


Look, I have cancer, head all full of Morphine, cant sleep, its been a struggle here all night, cant think straight, I see it now, so damn obvious.

I have 4 Bin files and the exe in one folder.

I will install to the Eagle Dynamics folder on "E"

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I got there in the end, all installed, must tweak the running of the game now, I did all this years ago, had monitors set up, took me months, now I'm a wee bit I'll things are harder, Peter helped me a lot, thanks. Very stupid last night I missed so much that was obvious.

What would be handy now is a quick graphic setup guide, I have BS2 and A10 set up, A10 not in DCS World yet, don't know why, needs to be installed again I guess.

I have a saitek X52 pro to get started, is a profile required or recommended by the experts here, pedals to follow soon. Thanks for the help.



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I have a saitek X52 pro to get started, is a profile required or recommended by the experts here, pedals to follow soon. Thanks for the help.




I have a X52Pro as well. And for the A10C you can make your own profile quite easily cause most of the stuff you can set in the ingame options more easily.

Here's what i have set in the profile;

Pinkie = unprogrammed

(make sure to actually right-click it in the profile and set "unprogrammed" instead of "fall back")


Precision Slide = Bands

0 - 10% i have set A (which i set in game as extend speed brake)

10-90% is blank/unbound

90-100% i have set to S (which i set in game as retract speed brake)


Mouse X Axis = Bands

0-35% i have set , (comma) (slews A10C sensors left) (like targeting pod)

35-65% is blank/unbound

65-100% i have set / (slew Right)


Mouse Y Axis = Bands

0-35% i have set ; (semi-colon) (slew up)

35-65% i have set . (period) (Slew up)



And that's all i have set in the profile, the rest i set ingame.

If you use the pinky switch as a modifieir

(ingame go to options, controls, Modifiers, add, select x52pro as controller and then JOY-BTN6, which is the pinky switch on the stick)


This makes the pinky switch basically a shift key in game. Allowing you to assign two function to the same button.

For example, on the black POV switch i have bound as

TMS (left, right, up, down)

But if i hold the pinky switch, then it is set to

TRIM (roll left, right, pitch up, down)


For the grey one below it i have set;

DMS (left, right, up, down)

+ pinky its Coolie Hat (left, right, up, down)


For the gun trigger, there is a little trick cause it has two stages, and so has the A10C.

(hit P to highlight the gun in the controls list, easyiest way to find it)

Assign the gun trigger first stage, and pull the X52's trigger till ya hear one click.

hold it there, and hit ok.

While still holding the trigger of the X52 in the same position, assign the Gun Trigger. Now pull the X52's trigger further back till you hear the second click, and hold it there, then hit ok again.


Your done. (and can let go of the trigger now:D)


What this does is the following, the A10C has an stabilization system that helps keeping the gun where you pointed it on the ground.

This activates when you press the first stage of the trigger.

If you then pull it trough to the second stage the gun will start firing.


Hope this gets you started on the most important stuff.




The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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