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Custom Aircraft Skins


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There's a problem whit custom aircraft skins in a multiplayer environment.

This problem happens whit the following aircraft;


SU-25, SU-25T, SU-27, SU-33, MIG-29S, KA-50

A-10C, UH-1H, P-51D, A-50, IL-78M and possibly some others.

Above aircraft are the only ones we (159th) use custom skins for though.


So, on about the actual problem.

In multiplayer, once everyone has joined in for a squad flight,

people started reporting not seeing the squad skins.

Either on there own, or on client aircraft.


So, for example, if we have clients A, B, C, D, E and F;

(in this it doesn't matter if A trough F are flying the same,

or different types of aircraft)


A can see skins for C, D, E and F, but not from B and its own A/C

B can see its own skin plus C, D, E and F, but not from A

C can see skins for A, F and its own but not for, B, D, E and F

D can see all skins just fine

E cant see any skins

F sees skins on different planes then in examples A, B and C yet again.


(note, we have been struggling whit this for years now, and have done EXTENSIVE troubleshooting)


For example, we started whit making sure all the right skin slots were selected in the mission files.

Done by multiple people, all found OK, so that's not the problem.


Then we thought that maybe you needed to install the skins on the server hosting the mission.

Installed skins on the server, problem still occurs.


Then we thought people did not install all skins (or incorrectly)

I made an .exe that either installs all skins or none, it also checks

the install path to make sure everything goes where it should.

Problem still there.


Then we figured it could be a problem whit individual skins.

Tested them all separately in SP missions and they work fine.


Then we tought it may be caused by porting over missions from older versions of DCS. (some as old as FC2)

I made an test mission in the current version of DCS World, and invited some squad mate's to come in and test.

Problem still occurs.


All the above leads me to believe that the network code is causing all this.

Maybe because it is regarded as a low priority over other types of traffic like A/C positions?


Anyway's, it is an immensely annoying bug, and we as a squad ran out of options to try and solve it.


So, could you please go ahead and try to solve this issue?


I would like to hand over our squad skins so you guys can test, but ofcourse we want to keep them exclusive to our members.

That's what squad skins are for.


So before i do that i will have to discuss it whit the squad.


~S~ Falcon


ps, i may have forgotten ways we have used to troubleshoot the problem

This would be because its an problem that's going on for years now.


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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