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X52 pro's MFD & DCS World

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I am planning to buy a x52, but I don't know which one of basic or pro edition.

The Pro is 70+ euros, and seem to provide only a customizable MFD over basic x52.

Is this MFD fully compatible for DCS World ? Is there some websites explaining possible things to do with DCS ? Is there other differences to explain such a price difference ?

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As far as I know, "PRO" is pro, basic one has no "pro" name.


There're some works about MFD and DCS compatibility. Read "Saitek X52Pro Mfd and Fip how to home"

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The button layout its almost the same, there's some differences with the durability(?) of the components, also the customizable leds, the MFD and metallic buttons in the pro version.


If you buy any of those its you call but... DO NOT UPDATE the drivers or the SST soft to or the MFD will start acting up


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