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Realistic A-10C print-outs for Thrustmaster MFD's


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For those who use Thrustmaster MFD's without screens behind them (like myself).

Here are the realistic-looking high-contrast boards with most frequently used MFD buttons for A-10C.

Left board depicts TAD, right board - TGP.




You can download printable PDF with vector images here:



Update: added print-outs for F-16 Block 52, for all the Falcon 4 pilots! :)




Download here:



Print it on A4, cut it, make round corners in the bottom (like on the original boards) and you are ready to go!

I put mine in-between transparent plastic sheets from the MFD package, it allows back-light to highlight outlines of MFCDs.

On my taste - looks not bad, and certainly better than original :)


Hope it would be useful to somebody.

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