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Trouble locating the LZ


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Hi Guys:helpsmilie:


First of all thanks for sim, I am enjoying the challenging world of rotary wing flight!


On mission #3 of the campaign (Race Against Time) Im having issues locating the exact LZ, no matter how close to the orange smoke I land it doenst seem to activate the next trigger so the injured soldier is loaded and I can continue on the mission.


Any ideas? Suggestions?


Thanks :pilotfly:

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That's strange worked for me the other day landed on the smoke and he was loaded and off I went.

I did have problems with the UN missions at first launch but they got fixed weeks ago in a patch I ran repair dcs which seemed to do the trick you could try that.

Eagles may soar high but weasel's don't get sucked into jet engines.



System Spec.

Monitors: Samsung 570DX & Rift CV1

Mobo: MSI Godlike gaming X-99A

CPU: Intel i7 5930K @ 3.50Ghz

RAM: 32gb

GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 980Ti VR Ready

Cooling: Predator 360

Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 80 Plus Gold

Drives: Samsung SSD's 1tb, 500g plus others with OS Win10 64 bit


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