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Profile woes.......

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Not sure if my install is broken or if I'm doing something wrong. I just cannot save my profiles properly. At first I thought that after creating a profile for the chosen craft, I could simply name the file, save it, and then call it up whenever I returned to that craft, and all controllers would be ready to go. But all I was getting was duplicated categories. So then I figured that for each craft I would need four profiles - 1 for keyboard, 1 for rudder, 1 for throttle, and 1 for joystick. But now I'm getting it so that the configuration is just not picking up all the parameters that I've set.


If I dare to switch from plane to another I pretty much lose everything. Someone suggested in another thread about deleting the INPUT folder if I lost the A-10C settings and the game would simply reinstall them when I next fired it up. This worked a few times but now the game doesn't bother anymore.


I realise that there are different "layers" for each model and I am careful to map and save to the relevant one, but it's just not happening. It's now reached a point that I have to stick with whichever craft I've chosen for as long as I can as I know that I will be looking at a blank/broken profile again as soon as I switch.


Just for the record, when I save a profile it does indeed save. And when I come to load a profile it's there for the choosing and does load. It's just that the end result is not the desired one. Can someone please confirm whether or not each profile does indeed need four separate saves for the four devices, or whether one save should embrace all controllers? It's really getting me down and is reaching the point where I don't want to fire the sim up as I know that I've pretty much got to configure it every time. Anyone?

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Yes you save each vertical column separedly.

I for myself never save, the game has the inputs i changed stored on its own somewhere.

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System: Asus Z170-E, I7 6700K, 16GB DDR4, Asus GTX1070 8GB, 1TB M2 SSD + 2x 250GB SSD,TrackIR, TM Warthog, Saitek Rudder

Modules: A-10C, KA-50, Mi-8, UH-1H, FC3, F5E, M2000, AJS37, AV8b, F18C


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Thanks for that. At least I'm on the right track with saving each column. It would be a lot easier if it could just save the whole profile. Either way, it's still not working properly for me. I'll have another play later starting from a completely blank page. See if I can't get things to stick once and for all. Never had a problem with saving profiles in other sims/games before. Something is definitely amiss somewhere.

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