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Su-25T QuickStart Guide - Fly and Destroy in minutes

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I couldn't find a really basic first time playing guide so here goes.... I won't be liable for millions of dollars of military equipment damage...:music_whistling:


Download the attached mission


Also a joystick or control pad is highly recommend - it makes a MASSIVE difference.



SEAD Mission - quick start guide



  • Unpause the mission if required: PAUSE key (next to Scroll lock / PrtScn)





Rearm and Refuel



  1. Start Electric Systems : Right Shift + L
  2. Contact Ground Crew to equip correct missiles: Backslash, F8, F1
  3. On pylon 6 you want to right-click and equip the Fantasmagoria Pod
  4. Right click on pylons 7 and 5 - select the missiles: KH-58U
  5. On pylons 9,8,4 and 3 equip the missles: KH-25MPU
  6. On pylon 11 and 1 equip the Pods MPS-410
  7. Leave pylons 10 and 2 empty for this mission.
  8. Then click OK and the invisible ground crew pixies will perform their magic.
  9. press F12 to exit the radio menu
  10. Press F2 to watch from the external view as your aircraft becomes weighed down while your new missiles appear on your aircraft.
  11. F1 will get you back into the cockpit where you can look around with the mouse or NUMpad arrows. Mousewheel will zoom in/out. as will / and * on the NUMpad.
  12. They will say "Rearming Complete" after about 20 seconds.


Start 'er Up




  • Contact the Air control tower and ask for permission to start up: Backslash, F5, F1, F3
  • (the tower should confirm your request, if not, do it anyway:thumbup:)
  • (make sure your throttle is all the way off)



  1. Start Both Engines: Right Shift + Home
  2. While you wait for your engines to fire up:
  3. Start Cockpit Lighting : L
  4. Start Navigation Lights: Right Control + L
  5. Start Taxi/Landing Lights: Right Alt + L




  • Close your cockpit : Left Control + C



  • When your engines are idling at 35% RPM you can go!





Taxi to runway


  • Contact the ATC and ask for permission to taxi to the runway: Backslash, F5, F1, F1


Now lets roll over to the start of the runway (take the little road left)

Take it very slowly we are heavy! and things will respond slowly too, so accelerate gradually. With all of the weight it takes a long time to slow down - so brake early.

Don't turn sharply unless you are driving less than 30km. Infact try to keep it under 50.


(speed is displayed on the TOP LEFT corner of the HUD)



  • brake: W
  • steer: Z (left) X (right)
  • accelerate : NUMpad plus
  • decelerate : NUMpad minus


Now drive all the way to the runway, but do not enter the runway yet.

Also make sure you are on the long runway not the short one (there are two at this airport)



Take off



  • Contact the ATC and ask for permission to take off
  • Line your self up on the runway nicely in the middle.
  • Press F to lower your take off Flaps.



Things will happen every quickly as you start to take off!


  • Hold W to keep yourself still while your engines spool up.
  • While holding the W - press down on NUMpad plus to increase your engine thrust to maximum - you'll hear them roar.
  • Once it feels like the plane wants to move, let go of the wheel brake
  • Try to keep the plane centered down the runway with Z and X


  • When your plane reaches 300km speed you switch over to the keyboard arrow keys (or joystick) and press the down arrow until your plane starts lifting off - not too much though, start at a shallow angle.



  • Press G to disengage landing gear
  • Press F to return flaps back to normal



Ermagerd I'm flying




  • Use the arrow keys Left and Right to roll, Up and Down arrow keys point your nose up and down.
  • I'm assuming here you understand the basics of flight - if not then in simple terms you turn by rolling the plane left or right and gently pull back on the stick (Down Arrow Key).
  • In this plane try to keep the speed between 400-600km's. It will stall if you go too slow and get very shaky if you go too fast. So manage the throttle while you fly.
  • Going down makes you fly faster, so ease off the throttle with NUMpad minus, and as you go up give it maximum throttle with NUMpad plus.
  • You can press B to enable/disable airbrake to slow you down - you will see your wing tips expand/contract.



Again, you are super heavy, do everything slowly in controlled movements - like you would if you were driving a bus or a truck in rainy weather.




  1. After you have taken off, turn left and fly more or less parallel to the coast.
  2. Eventually you will hear beeping sound similar to a busy dial tone on a telephone.
  3. If you look down towards your warning radar (under the big TV thing on the right side of your cockpit) you will notice an orange set of lights.






  • Steer your plane left or right until the two front most lights are lit up. (this means you are flying straight towards a radar)







Once you are heading towards the enemy radar, you'll want to blow it up right?:D



  • Press 7 to engange air to ground mode
  • Press I to enable radar detection mode



  • You should be able to see a whole bunch of diamonds on your HUD. (assuming you are flying toward the radars as outlined in previous step)








  • Move your square cursor on top of one of these diamonds
  • Default slew controls are
  • , left
  • / Right
  • ; Up
  • . Down





  • Press ENTER to lock onto it - and the diamond will have turned into a circle to let you know it is locked up.






  • Once you are in range, you will see the LA (launch authorised message)





  • Hold spacebar for a couple of seconds and you will see your missile fly off - because the missiles are heavy your plane will automatically dip to one side, so for now lets fire another missile to balance out the plane.




  • Even out the plane and press F6 to watch the your missile fly! F1 to go back to cockpit view.




  • Press Enter again to unlock the radar - and repeat this process for the next radar station.





Landing - Really basic guide



  • View the map and find a runway close to you: F10
  • Contact ATC and request a landing: Backslash, F5, F1, F1
  • Press 1 to go into Navigation mode(keep pressing to cycle between route, return and landing modes)




  • When you are coming in for a landing try to be about 1000 meters high


  • Line up the runway from about 10 times the length of the runway away from it.


  • Lower the throttle and apply airbrake so that you are flying at around 300km fast


  • Press Left Shift+F to lower flaps to landing stage.
  • Press G for landing gear.




  • When you touch down hold W for wheel brake
  • Press P to deploy your landing chute.






  • steer with Z and X
  • W for Wheel Brake
  • Shutdown the engines with Right Shift + End
  • From here you can rearm and go again or exit and restart the mission.


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Excellent, thanks.


Edit, just flew it and its really great. A huge help for new players coming in.


I know these things are time consuming but if you have any plans to make another one ... it will be very well received I think .

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Exellent, great work. May i suggest to make some small alterations though?


Firstly, start whit starting the electric systems. (even before starting to rearm)

A, these would be needed to operate radio's

B, more importantly, the HSI and other avionics need some time to align

before starting the engines.

If you start engines immediately after starting the electric system you will get some quite anoying snags.

(like HSI displaying a completely different heading then the HUD)


Second, you mention the engines idle at 3500 rpm. Its not a biggie but the gauge indicates a percentage of the maximum engine RPM.

35% is idle. Could mean 20 000 RPM, could mean 24387 RPM.


Other then that, awesome guide.:thumbup:



just spotted something else, for landing i believe you need to press LShift F.

This should bring the flaps down both stages, helping to also slow the plane down.

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hey thanks for sharing this!



Fat T is above, thin T is below. Long T is faster, Short T is slower. Open triangle is AWACS, closed triangle is your own sensors. Double dash is friendly, Single dash is enemy. Circle is friendly. Strobe is jammer. Strobe to dash is under 35 km. HDD is 7 times range key. Radar to 160 km, IRST to 10 km. Stay low, but never slow.

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Yes, nice guide and very helpful.. :)


I also did something like this for the Su25t for FC2. I took the game's manual and cut out everything that was not for the Su25t. I also put all of the keystrokes (in red) next to each procedure.


You can get it here:

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Yes, nice guide and very helpful.. :)


I also did something like this for the Su25t for FC2. I took the game's manual and cut out everything that was not for the Su25t. I also put all of the keystrokes (in red) next to each procedure.


You can get it here:


another good one, thank you Snacko:thumbup:

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