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Adding Security Exception for Updater

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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere ...


Can someone tell me the URL that the updater app uses? I need to add an exception in my security settings because the update seems to get hung up on autoupdate.db not getting downloaded.


I'm not sure if it's a security issue or if because I had to make a junction link from the users appdata local temp to another partition because there's not enough space on the default partition to download DCS or updates. DCS downloaded and installed fine after I made the junction, but the update fails - the log file indicated a parse error because autoupdate.db could not be found. The update process failed stating that it could not run as __ (assume admin, but my profile is full admin).


I'm hoping that adding exception for the DCS/updater URL to security and firewall configs might get me passed this.


I'm just trying to download the training vids, so I suppose it's not any big deal, but I would like to view them.


I'm on Win7 64bit


Thanks for any suggestions!

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