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PRE Customer (P1) incident.


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I need to open a priority case I can't not use your FC3 product with the following configuration below. Not using preview or beta. This is in my production environment. I have checked permissions and other fixes. I can't install FC3 because lock on won't install. I am asking for someone in support to setup a remote session so we can fix this issue (If possible) I want this to be resolved. I would like to engage the development team for this or someone that speaks English. I can setup a gotomeeting bridge and maybe a logmein123. This might actually become more common going forward with recent MS updates.



I think Russian developers can be some of the best but it's time to stop supporting the old crap that does not work that way this sim was intended.


Error Installshield error -6002


Clean temp folder /

Permissions /

Closed AV /

Used program compatibility mode XP Window 7

Windows has release updates and this will become a common internal issue.

Need compliance with SLA. in the ULA under support.





CJ Kinsey


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I know I'm not really the right person for this, as the only criterion from your post that I fit is that I'm a native English speaker. I've had a quick look around google for your error. One that seems consistent is that your Lock On disc might need to be cleaned or if you downloaded it, the download may be corrupt or missing a file/some files.


Is this a possibility?


Edit: It's probably not best to post your personal email address on a public forum either.

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I'm not familiar with Windows 8, and I see you have tried "compatibility mode", but from another thread on this subject, try the compatibility mode "Windows XP SP3" for your Lock On install.

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One thread per issue, please.


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