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TM Warthog and Target question

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I'm pulling my hair out, folks. Back in the day, when we had the TM Cougar, we used Foxy. Foxy can create a profile, compile it and load it to the stick. It then stays in the stick. The stick stays plugged into the computer. I can compile a different profile at any time and the stick still stays plugged into the computer.


Enter T.A.R.G.E.T.

Target seems to only be able to "run" a config, which means it keeps running in the background. Furthermore, it seems to only be able to "virtually disconnect" the actual stick and connect its "Thrustmaster Combined" virtual stick, which means I lose DX buttons and have to rely on key presses instead.


Since DCS doesn't like plugging anything in while its running, if I have different profiles for different aircraft, I have to quit to desktop every time I want to change birds. This holds true for A/C I don't even use target for, like the A-10C and Ka-50.


Please help, folks. Tell me there's some hidden undocumented feature that lets me just compile a config for a single controller and load it to the controller. Tell me I'm missing the "don't use thrustmaster combined" option. Please tell me something about this I've missed. I can't believe we've gone backwards so that the newer stick can't do some of the most useful functions of the old Cougar.


Any help at all? Please help me out here =(


Edit: I should clarify that I haven't found any functionality for this in joytokey, but if I'm missing it, please tell me. Also, has anyone found any other programs akin to joytokey that will let me do this?


Edit 2: After some more fevered searching, I found GlovePIE, which is complicated but very useful. It allows you to map button releases as key presses. I'd still love to know if target can do more than it apperas, but GlovePIE is a suitable workaround for now.

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