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Newbie to skinning. Please help


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I'll post my understanding of the process and you may modify/add.


1- download the template (layered PSD) from here.

2- open in DXT BMP to convert to 24 bitmap

3- open in photoshop or any other program

4- make the skin

5- save skin in PSD and BMP from photoshop (I dont have photoshop, any other program available to skin?)

6- get the BMP new skin into DXTBMP

7- convert the new BMP to DDS.

8- put where in WORLD?

9- edit description.LUA with skin name1,2,3,4.


Am I correct?



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Do a search on dcs world skinning and you find lots of info.

take the second link it's a pdf file which i used to learn this stuff.

I don't have photoshop myself and use Gimp, that works well.


skill part two and just use it in the psd for photoshop format.

Gimp uses a different extension.


Good luck.

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I use Photo plus



You can call them and get an older version for cheaper. Like X5



=&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=&arrFilter_CREATED_USER_NAME=chardly38&set_filter=Filter&set_filter=Y"]MY SKINS And Helios


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Wild Bill have a look here




Edited by Strut



DL available skins here:




Pictures of my Skins here: https://imgur.com/a/bOQyQqW



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