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Easy Control Swap?

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Is there any way to easily swap the control setups from one aircraft to another? :joystick:


I didn't mind mapping different controls for planes that were entirely different from each other, like A10, Huey, and P-51, ect. Even if a couple of controls were similar (yaw, pitch, roll), a good handfull weren't. FC3, on the other hand has a slew of different aircraft, some of them with almost (if not entirely) identical controls.


Any suggestions? Are there some FC-3 aircraft just not worth bothering with, or are there ways to port the controls to all the similar aircraft. (mostly pointing my finger at all the pesky MIG and SU variants.

Modules: A10C, AV8, M2000C, AJS-37, MiG-21, MiG-19, MiG-15, F86F, F5E, F14A/B, F16C, F18C, P51, P47, Spitfire IX, Bf109K, Fw190-D, UH-1, Ka-50, SA342 Gazelle, Mi8, Christian Eagle II, CA, FC3

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Select an aircraft, example Su-27. Make a profile for each controller. That means when you save it, the controller, eg (throttle) is selected or highlighted and save that.





Now the same with ever other controller. So you're left with a LUA for every single game controller eg (stick.lua, throttle.lua, rudder.lua)


Select another aircraft, example F-15C. Select any controller so the column is highlighted like before. and load the saved profile that matches with that controller eg (throttle.lua.) Do this with every controller you wish untill you're done. I'm sure there's an easier way but that's how I did it!

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