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Ability to map button release to a control


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The inability to use the flaps switch on the TM Warthog in the Su-25(T) has been driving me nuts. I've recently learned how to hack 3-way switch functionality into the Ka-50 .lua files, but then it occurred to me: Why aren't we allowed to map a button release event as a control? After all, that's how the A-10C handles it. Releasing button 29 starts the left engine start cycle. Pressing button 29 shuts down the left engine. Releasing button 22 OR 23 puts flaps in the maneuver position. Releasing 16 and 17 puts the left and right engines, respectively, into fuel override mode. Releasing 9 OR 10 puts the boat switch in the center position.


My point is this: While we can hack some of this functionality into the Ka-50 (still no luck with the route and descent switches) and the P-51D (although I haven't figured out how to assign a specific flap setting to a button yet), we can't do it in FC3.


Adding the ability to map button releases as events would require a substantial remapping of the current default control sets, but it would pave the way for much more flexible controls in the future, and DCS really seems to be future-focused at this point.




Hard mode: Let us map buttons as modifiers!


inb4 use target. Target gives us flexibility in programming, but unlike the much older Foxy program (for the TM Cougar), you a) have to have target running in the background whenever you want to fly (vs loading a script to the device, where it stays active until the device is unplugged) and b) have to accept the fact that you lose axes by combining the different controllers into one bizarre "combined" thing.


Edit: Here's a workaround that I discovered, in case anyone else is bothered by this.

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