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Homemade UFC

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ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero, i7-6700K, Noctua NH-D14 Cooler, Crucial 32GB DDR4 2133, Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 256GB, Samsung EVO 250GB & 500GB SSD, 2TB Caviar Black, Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme 8GB, Corsair HX1000i, Phillips BDM4065UC 40" 4k monitor, VX2258 TouchScreen, TIR 5 w/ProClip, TM Warthog, VKB Gladiator Pro, Saitek X56, et. al., MFG Crosswind Pedals #1199, VolairSim Pit, Rift CV1 :thumbup:

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Moin Quantenpresbyterianer,


I can also recommend the following: Arcaze USB Interface

40 IO Ports

8 analog axes


Extended with the following modules: LED Drive with 48 Pins for LED or Display Driver with connectors to 8 seven-segment displays.


Programmable as keyboard / mouse / joystick / gamepad, at the same time.








Arcaze is designed and made in Germany... :thumbup:


  • DCS ExportScript
  • D.A.C. DCS to Arcaze Communicator
  • Ikarus a new Virtual Cockpit Software

Deutscher Forums Thread

English Forums Thread


Hard/Software: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 32 GiB RAM, extra SSD for Windows 10 and DCS World, AMD Vega Frontier Edition with 16 GiB VRAM

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Yupp I understand that and it's a fine approach as long as one keep one board per quad or that UFC is the only panel of interest. Next panel to interface would require an extra board, usb port and cabling etc and raise the complexity and portcost. Theres no right or wrong here and most comes down to tech demands and personal flavour. Lot of cards out there and these are only a few of em. Can't tell if Brydling has any in stock though

- - - -

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As Ducklings says, if you are going to build a whole cockpit then you are going to need a lot of switches which makes Brydlings B256A13 card an excelent choise. I have one my self and works like a charm. As WannaBeGnome says the UFC has less than 32 inputs which also makes the Brydling card a good choise as one 40pin connector (32 DI) can be connected directly to the UFC.


However having said so the the B256A13 can't handle rotary encoders whereas Leo Bodnars cards can. If you do not know which way you are to go, i.e. just a UFC or full cockpit, then perhaps a DDI-32 is a good start. You can always untilize it later for the radio frequency control :music_whistling:


My cockpit if far for finished with all connections but I am currently running on one Brydling card, one BBI-32 and one BU0836X.





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