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Pilot/copilot eye level


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I don't know if this has been posted yet, I am fairly late to join the huey party.


So far, pretty good impressions, a few things are bugging me about the flight model, but I am pretty sure they will get fixed. However, something else started bugging me, although pretty minor in scope it is still somewhat annoying.


The default position of the pilot's head is too far back and far too high it feels like. If you pan around and up and down, you will notice you are sitting in the back of the seat. It also feels like you are way too high up in the seat, I am tall, just not that tall. Although zooming in and out works to give a visual effect of being further forward, it does not correct the pivot point of your head. Not too sure how to fix this, its probably hidden in the config file somewhere like the A-10.


Another problem I am having is when you switch seats up front. The view is distorted as if the view was just moved to the left by x amount, similar to zooming out from the default position, but to the side. The awkward view is not game stopping, but can become annoying with time, I'm not sure if its just me, so any discussion is welcome.


Thanks guys, good work so far, and to everyone else hope you are enjoying this product as much as me. When finished it should be pretty outstanding.

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I would suggest you read this and follow PeterP's mod instructions lots have and it works a treat.



Eagles may soar high but weasel's don't get sucked into jet engines.



System Spec.

Monitors: Samsung 570DX & Rift CV1

Mobo: MSI Godlike gaming X-99A

CPU: Intel i7 5930K @ 3.50Ghz

RAM: 32gb

GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 980Ti VR Ready

Cooling: Predator 360

Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 80 Plus Gold

Drives: Samsung SSD's 1tb, 500g plus others with OS Win10 64 bit


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