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How to invert the external camera X/Y axis???

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Hello everyone, im new to DCS, absolutely love aircrafts in any game..


Well I have been played BF3 and HAWX1 and 2 before going the serious stuff like Lock on FC3 in DCS, and im having trouble to set the external camera as inverted…


For example, everything by default, when i press “F2” in the cockpit view, it gives me the external camera view, the X/Y axis for the mouse is inverted.. also the zooming for middle mouse wheel is inverted. Is this a bug or just the setting? I have been playing around my control setting for 3 hours now… did not fix the issue..


Anyone has any idea pls??


Also how do u change the HUD colour for F15C cockpit? I can’t see anything if the weather is fog or snowing…



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To change the HUD color, you have to press a certain key combo including H. I don't know it by hard, but I will have a look later in the afternoon.

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