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static objects indestructible?


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i'm not sure if this is something mentioned in a previous post but i've noticed that some static objects used as targets in a mission i created cannot seem to be destroyed. does anyone else have this problem? at the moment i am using static object called "barracks 2" which is under structures. i watched a friend in a ka-50 shoot it with 20 rockets but it would not be destroyed. also i used combined arms to use tanks in an attempt to shell the buildings. it seems some could be destroyed while others could not. did i miss something?


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^^^ That one is especially difficult to destroy. In fact, last w/e I switched all of those out in a new mission in favor of an Armed House or Armed Barracks.


Clients in this mission said that the Barracks 2 was much tougher than the Barracks 1 next to it. I replaced both...


Also, see this post -




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BS2 quick start "attack insurgents.miz" bug


If a wing man is ordered to perform a free attack, A.I. will attack a load block first of all, and will empty arms.

It seems that a missions result trigger does not respond unless it destroys a load block first.:no_sad:

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