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The Shark can't do CSAR, says who!??!?!?


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Another one. Got hit by a strela during a mission with my squad mates. One of my wingman is kind enough to check my position and status.




Chatting with him and getting some food and drink for the long walk back to base...









Finaly, decided to catch the side of the chopper and hold it while RTB.




Csar is going pretty well. Got stuck nicely to the aircraft.









Sadly enough, one ladt hidden zu23 forced my wingman into a sharp escape manoeuver. Couldn't hold and fell from 300 meters high and died.:thumbup:



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:) good pics.


I've yet to safely land a clinging pilot. They always seem to fall off. In Aries's photo, I saw him flying down a runway and I started to follow in hopes of some formation flight. As I got close, I saw his rotors separate and he ejected. I banked to the right to go around the pattern and I guess I skewered him while he was bailing out.

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