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TriggerZones not working anymore

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Hey Guys, i need help please...


I beleive since one of the last Updates, my TriggerZone isn't working anymore...


For example:


I built a TZ where some Red Helicopter should start when someone of Blue enters the TZ.

which looks like this:


Once/ No Event -> all of Group in Zone (Blue, TZ1) -> Group Activate (Helo1)


Of course "Helo1" is set to "late activation"...


If i put a new TZ whith new actions for testing purposes into this mission, still the same. It's not working.

If i make a new mission, TZ are working as they should...

But i dont want to make the whole map new... :(


What am i doing wrong? is this a Bug? Could somebody help please???

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ok, i think i sorted it out...


It would be better to set "Part of Group" instead of "All of Group".


But funny, i have never changed it, and it always worked before...


Well, its more logic to activate this sort of TZ with parts of coalition than with all of them :music_whistling:

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