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Trigger -> ! ONCE -> UNIT DEAD -> RADIO TRANSMISSION -> file.ogg


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I pick: ONCE -> UNIT DEAD -> RADIO TRANSMISSION -> file.ogg.

as soon as I close and reopen the triggers window - this trigger disappears, but the ogg file is saved into the miz file.


Solution: create zones before adding the RADIO TRANSMISSION trigger.

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2. The DCS MOVIE information!


I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days, and doesn't die


government: gives me money because of coronavirus

me: spends all money on the missing DCS modules

government: ... you dumbo! We won't give you money anymore

me: It's ok. I don't need anything else - I now have the entire DCS collection

my cat: looking at the empty bowl for a while and goes back to sleep

me: it's hard times, Mig, suck it up!



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