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3d modeling for new guys


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HI. I've just recently downloaded 3ds max 13. I am completely new to 3d modeling. It is something that I've wanted to learn for a while but I never had the right hardware. Now that I have the hardware and software I've been researching information about 3d modeling for the very beginners. Within my research I found a couple of great tutorials that I feel can help a lot of new modelers. I will post these for other new 3d modelers to see and for the experts to look at and make sure I'm on the right path. My first project I wanted to create was an aircraft model that can be imported to DCS. I know it most likely isn't going to be the best quality model but I can always improve it. (Right?) I don't know anything about scripting so most likely I won't be the one importing the model but I just want to create a model that will be DCS ready. With that in mind my questions are (These may sound like a stupid questions for most but):


Will ED's plugins work with 3ds max 13?


What exactly are ED's plugins? What do they do? Where Can I find them? And Do I have to install them before I start modeling?


What Else do any experts think I should know before I start modeling?


Intro to 3ds max tutorial


Modeling aircraft tutorials




ED Plugin Information



P.S. I will add more helpful links if and when I find them. Also can anybody confirm on how helpful these tutorials actually are?

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