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DCS Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Profile?

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Hey all, I'm new here and not starting off on the right foot because I'm probably asking a ridiculous question off the bat.


I've not flown anything DCS since BS1 so I'm right back to newbie status. I tried flying the UH-1Y last night and it was a miserable experience however I'm sure it's more due to my control setup than anything else.


Is there one or a series of Profiles available for DCS that are easily attainable?


I've seen one for the Warthog which doesn't help me much (I only fly helis with DCS) and some profiles here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?arrFilter_CREATED_USER_NAME=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfiletype%5D=70&arrFilter_pf%5Bgameversion%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Bfilelang%5D=&arrFilter_pf%5Baircraft%5D=&arrFilter_CREATED_USER_NAME=&set_filter=Filter&set_filter=Y


Also, I'm assuming I can still use my Momo Pedals for Rudder Control?





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I know this is probably not what you want to hear but I figure it is worth saying anyway.


So, The Huey is actually pretty simple when it comes to control bindings, you really don't need a lot of stuff on the stick because there is very little to begin with.


Anyway, here is the way I would set it up if I were you.


1.) Put the weapon release on the gun trigger.


2.) Put the trimmer on the little thumb button on the side of the stick


3.) Put the collective on the throttle lever


4.) put the throttle (up and down) on two of your base buttons (not essential but they need to be bound to something easy to find)


5.) Trimmer reset can go on one of the top buttons on the stick


6.) Setting the hat as a means to control the spotlight would be smart, as well as binding a button to toggle it on and off.




Honestly, that is all I can think of at the moment, keep in mind, I am making this while looking at a picture of your stick so I don't have a profile I can give you as a result.


Finally, as far as the horrible experience you are having, keep in mind that this helicopter is really, really, really hard on new pilots, it does not matter if you have hundreds of hours of stick time on the Black shark, this thing has none of the stability aids that the Ka-50 does and as such requires a entirely different approach to flying.


Funny enough, before the UH-1, I was terrible at flying the Ka-50, I was all over the place and just could not seem to get a handle on it, then, after learning to fly somewhat okay in the Huey, the Black shark is timid in comparison, I can now fly the Black shark without using the trimmer button in normal flight and all the autopilot dampeners make it feel like it is essentially flying itself.


So, yeah, your first few hours in the Huey are just going to be really hard, it is a easy aircraft to learn to start up, it is easy to deal with systems wise but it is super hard to fly without a great deal of practice and some amount of study.

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