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low FPS

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hello all. thought I would post in the hope someone could help.


recently purchased the huey module..its great apart from the fact my fps drop so low ita unplayable at times, especialy around built up areas. acording to the in game fps counter im dropping as low as 10fps.


funny thing is it was fine when I first got the module..playing the missions was smooth and fluid. but now after dcs updated ive encountered this problem.


my drivers are all up to date and my system is clean.

wondering if its an update problem or is it my pc starting to play up. any help or suggestions would be great thanks.


windows 8 pro

amd fx 4100 Oc @4.1

crosshair v formula m/b

16GB corsair ram 1600

Hd 6870 (Stock speed)

WD caviar green

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Yes but he said it was working correctly before the update so I guess he didn't changed his settings. As said above try to be careful in the graphic settings, there are pointless things, for me, mirrors, tree view distance and bushes have a big impact.

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What's you're frames like when just flying around without any other stuff around you can do this by going to mission editor and place one aircraft to fly and then loading the mission.


hello ,i haven't had a chance to try this out out yet but will give it a test tomorrow. had a quick flight last night to test the FPS Tweak that was suggested..didn't seem to work :( i was getting 11 FPS on the ground and on average 18 fps when flying around..


cut a long story short , crashed in a ball of flames when attempting a landing , as soon as i crashed my FPS counter showed 56 fps ! ..which got me thinking, is it my graphics card?.


done a burn in test with furmark on my HD6870 at 1920 x 1080 and was getting consistent frame rates of 27 and with no errors reported so its not my set up ( i say with optimism ! )


i will try what you suggested and let you know the outcome.


thanks :thumbup:

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thanks mustang will give this a try also :thumbup:


Also, be sure to check in your Catalyst Control Centre for settings such as Super Sampling Anti Aliasing, if this setting is forced the FPS rates can be dreadful - at most use only Adaptive Anti Aliasing or plain old Multi Sampling AA.


P.S also don't use any settings such as Edge Detect filter, that can play havoc on frames and image quality.

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