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X52 & Teamspeak issue


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I just got an X52 standard edition, and installed Iron's X52 profile and lua files.

Iron's profile uses bands on the Precision slider and mini stick on the throttle, the bands work so that when more than 25% movement (AKA deadzone) you start getting a key action.


Now, this profile works excellent, really nice layout with the imported lua file.

The problem starts when I start up my TS3, seems that the profile goes crazy, i went on and tested it with the test profile option in the profile editor, seems that the bands which are setup are going berzerk and outputing the key commands at will altough they are centered and on the deadzone which is sposed to make no action.


I've tested this profile either with the TS3 open in the background or with the TS3 closed, when the TS3 is closed everything looks great in the profile tester, when it's open it goes so crazy i have a hard time closing it.


Does anyone know of this issue? anyone encountered this before? any fixes?


Iron's profile - http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/Iron%27s_X-52_Profiles_for_DCS_World



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I'd like to update that with the new TS update, it seems that Direct Input is removed.

Now you have to use Keyboard & Mouse Only option and set in the X52 Profile that the PTT key presses the keyboard or mouse key/button for PTT.


This is until they put back the Direct Input, Hopefully.

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