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Can't edit keys layout


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Hello to everyone!


At this time I need an help from you guys! That's the problem:


I've found a custom keyboard\stick layout file on the net. Tried it but wanted to go back to the default values. Here it comes the troubles. I went back loading the default .lua file for keyboard but now I'm able to modify already assigned keys only. I can't add any new keyboard assignment anymore. Same story for joystick assignments.


I get the "new" button active again only if I clear the whole category.


Another sympthom that something could have messed up is that if I run the start-up tutorial for the A-10, for example, when it asks me to press the spacebar to proceed... It just won't work! And same for other assignments.



Is there a way to go back to the REAL default values???


I'm wishing I've never tried that custom layout now... :cry:



Thank you for your support guys, very appreciated.

Have a good day!




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read this post:


It should you give every info you need to get back to the default.


If you exchanged the default keyboard lua inside you DCS install - and not only in your saved-games path - I would recommend you to run a DCS repair (reachable within the windows-Start menu) - to be sure you have the right files.

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Glad you made it!


some last note I want to add and give you a hint what maybe went wrong:

!!! Using profiles from others without knowing in which exact DCS version they are created should be done only with high caution and make a backup beforehand !!!


Please check this post next time when you have another input problem - the possibility is high that your needed fix is covered by it.


>>> ED Forums » English » Sim Topics » Input and Output » Sticky: corrupt calibration? crazy joystick response? Use this tools Fix it



BTW and out of curiosity :


Is it really you - Peter Gabriel ??! ... THE Peter Gabriel ???? -- was always wondering what you are doing besides music... now I know! :) - and if not - please just say nothing and leave me in this uncertainty , so I can dream on and picture to myself how Peter Gabriel is sitting in-front of his pc and struggling to assign buttons on his joystick. :D

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