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How to reload/ground crew?


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Have you tried '\' or 'RAlt + \'? You can then hit F-8 for Ground Crew options ...


*** EDIT ***

I just spawned in, and hit the '\' key, pressed F-8, requested ground power, and 'Chief' replied OK. Ground power came on. Mind you that I did not turn anything on, just spawned and asked.


I then hit 'RAlt + \' and asked for a disconnect; 'Chief' replied ok, and disconnected me. I then asked for Refuel/Rearm and he ok'd that too.

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Hey Guys-


How do you reload the P-51d on the runway?


I know with the A-10 you can just talk to ground crew, but doing R ALT + doesn't bring any menu up...?


Press the button on the cockpit throttle, press F8 and order from the menu AFTER opening the canopy. It's like shouting to him outside.


Alternately, you can use Lalt (or was it Ralt) + ' for the menu.



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