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I Jump the gun :) I bought the Huey


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Was tired to see that lonely small icon with the $ ;) Since it's on special, heck why not, not sure If I'm going to love it, but then again it worth the price. :thumbup:


Any idea when it will become final?


Thanks ED & Belsimtek

Antec 900 gaming tower, PSU: Corsair 750W, Q6600, Asus P5K, 8Gig Mushkin, Nvidia eVGA 280 GTX Superclocked 1G DDR3, SSDNOW200 Kingston Drive, TrackIr 3000+Vector, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, Saitek rudder pedals pro, Sharp 42" inch LCD Aquo. OS: windows 7 64bit.

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