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Hi all,


first of all i would like to clarify that i'm not selling myself as a master of anything, i'm just a programmer with a good background like many that's it. That said, i'm here to see if there are others who are interest on working on a dynamic campaign development that may be also possible to save (obviously if lua code is not limited, saving and loading are possible).

By now I already dropped 760 lines of code that manage some of base self defense dynamically (inside tools limits).

This is not something impossible because i've already have done it a long time ago in ARMA 2 for my offline sessions, unfortunately i don't have that mission anymore to use it as example or inspiration, anyway it wasn't finished because the work to provide a full dynamic campaign (similar to f4) requires a lot of efforts specially for defining troops and mission template since those are done by code (although i've seen that ED provides a template function that i might opt to ). Besides as a good old style programmer, who hates IT, i like to start over every time i can.

So i'm here to know if someone has either the skill in lua and want to or have good knowledge on missions definitions (create a good default path to avoid straight flights, proper weapon inventory per each kind of mission and plane and others things that might improve the final result) or even someone who will just imply good things with new ideas for the core engine (ex, intelligence management)


In conclusion, since i'm no god and help would only easy things i'm here to see if someone want to enjoy this and see where it will end.


PS: I cannot guarantee a continuous rhythm due to my work as programmer and external projects.





If i have to make a list of positions wanted those are :


- Programmer, someone with skill in LUA or others language but with skill to learn (LUA IS NOT HARD)


- Mission designer, able to create mission templates (path, behavior, inventory) for both main mission and support mission. Here coding is not a must, instead it is a must to be able to explain both through diagrams and by voice the logic.


- Data entry, fill up initial mission setting by creating initial units conditions. Those data are provided by missions designers.


- Testers, those are never enough .....


Obviously saving and loading would be the last step of the whole project.

That said no one would be considerate as the master and the others slave, all ideas would be considerate and voted, lately programmers would decide the timeline and when to deploy them.

For last, the project would start only when the team would get a good number (1 member for first 3 position), if you don't fit on neither of these position you can still collaborate with the project by posting your ideas here.

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Ok guys, since i see that some people are interested on this i would give a little more details.


As i wrote to a nice guy privately i would like to deploy some of the initial ideas and goals :


- Keys points, where when captured provide the coalition owner more resources (intel, reinforcement, fuel)

- Intel are used to allow the engine to generate regular missions :

............ for air units tactical and strategic attacks, which may consist on destroying a building, airbase attack, industries attack, CAS, CAP, etcc

............ for land units attack, capture, intercept convoy

- Intel can also be used to generate special missions :

............ for air units might be bomber intercept

............ for lands units might consinst on small infantry units to provide laser targeting to air units

- Common Mission which might consist on BARCAP aerospace (just as example)

- Self defense management which consist on vary factors :

............ For air attacks, once an airbase detect an enemy inside its aerospace (according to enemy distance, altitude and model) it pass directly to alarm state, which consist on send departure command to almost all groups (according to the amount of airplanes in that base) . Each group will be assigned to an enemy group, if we have more group than them, then the surplus will be orbiting around the base in a range of 20-30 miles. Obviously if the base has no aircrafts, then it will be a bad time, they will rely only on static air defense if still alive. Once all enemies are destroyed the base goes to caution state where some aircrafts rtb other remain orbiting. Lately the base return to quiet state where all defending units rtb.

............ For land attacks, lands unit will be deployed and will take position waiting for the enemy, forward helicopters and some flights will start CAS mission (states are almost the same as above)

- As you understood air units are completely limited by some factors. So if an airbase lose its aircraft it will have to wait for reinforcement. When an aircraft land, its health is memorized and if it is lower than x then it would be considerate as unavailable and will take y time to repair.

- As i told reinforcement are not a trigger matter but rather a situation and state matter.

- Attack wave, occasionally both coalition will organize a synchronized wave attack in order to give considerable punch on adversary forces and organization.

- All units will have a main base, capturing that would consist on a big lost and losing more than 75 % of their strength means losing the war.


Surely these are just a few goals (don't have time to list all), i might be missing some or some may change drastically.

To avoid performance issue i have to reduce as much as i can the amount of triggers, specially those where it checks at each seconds, how do i do that? through code, for example the airbase defense routine are performed each 30-60 secs instead of each secs (the aerospace is about 40 nm so this time is enough to react, obviously if it come in stealth mode the reaction might be too late just like in real life)

For last but not least, everything can be easily changed (range, timeout, time) in first line.


That said let me know if you are still interested, surely you have a lot to imply and improve the final result. As you can see i'm targeting to something big and really different....bring falcon 4 for real in DCS and not a just triggered and spawn system with very limited memory!


Thanks again for your interest





I'm also thinking about applying squadron ideas for airbase. Thus rather than having multiple aircrafts, airbase would have one or more specialized squadron (air to air, air to ground or general). Obviously mainly aircrafts and helicopters are those playable.

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