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New release .41496???


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I convinced a friend to buy Combined Arms and P-51.


He downloaded DCS World and installed it (version It ran, automatically checked for updates, and updated to .14196.


Then he tried to install CA, but it said it couldn't install CA 12913 into DCS World 14196.


But no updater seems to exist to update CA to 14196.


Where is the new version of CA or how do I prevent DCS World from automatically updating?

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This is a minor unfortunate issue with the modules. The new versions of the modules release slightly later than updates, so if you happen to purchase a module right as an update is released, you either need to avoid the update, revert to an older version, or wait until the module downloads are updated.


Once CA is installed, the module will update automatically with the autoupdater.


Autoupdating can be turned off (I don't remember exactly how) but I'd suggest leaving it on and just hitting "No" until this is resolved. It shouldn't take long for the new module versions.


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Hey there,


Just go to the module manager page within DCS:W (The standard launcher) and click on CA then hit update, it should do the rest.


(EDIT: Only just noticed a new patch is out, so if you have tried what I said then disregard)

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