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Game mode should effect steering on ground


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I wasn't really sure where to put this, considering it's not really a bug, but something that I think should be looked at.


I recently talked my brother into purchasing the DCS: P-51. I told him to initially put the flight dynamics to "Game Mode" so he could get the plane up in the air easily.


He does not have rudder pedals (and therefore, no toe brakes) so even in Game Flight Mode, it's still really difficult for him to taxi. I think while in game mode, taxiing should also be fairly simple. It should keep the "locked tail wheel" but just have a greater degree of steering. I feel bad watching him go in circles before he can even get the plane to the runway, and I would think this would increase the enjoyment level of future P-51 pilots that are just getting into a DCS level simulation.


Thanks for reading!



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