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I've added a function to try and automatically login when DCS multiplayer starts.


Heres the function I added:


local function doLogin()




net.login(dlg_login.login:getText(), dlg_login.password:getText(), dlg_login.savepw:getState())




And in the init function I changed askLogin() to doLogin()


However, when I run DCS multiplayer, nothiong has changed. Am I missing something?

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I'm also very interested in this, should you ever happen to find a solution.


As far as I can tell, the "dcs.exe" process does not even read "uiMaster.lua" when it runs. Also, I could not find the file that writes the line "client has started" in the log. I'm inclined to think "obfuscation" right now, like someone does not want us tinkering with it. But maybe I'm just tired and frustrated =)


I've been tracing the startup as far as I could, to no avail. I'll give it another try later, and will post any result here.


For the anecdote, I'm trying to gain lua access into the GUI so I can disconnect the monitor from my server, and spare some energy. Its only use right now is during the first two minutes at boot, in order to send mouse commands to run, login and load the mission. Still have one or two ideas, but the lua solution looked so neat ...

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