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Which ground units do you use for missions?

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I made some very good on-line multiplayer missions for the Black Shark when it was released several years ago with the extensive use of ground units which would almost randomly spawn in to keep the battles going and target rich while keeping it from getting predictable. I've returned now with the Mustang and the Huey. I am at a loss as to ground units selection for the battle field given the mixed eras. The Huey and Mustang are out classed by the selection of modern era ground units. The Huey is outclassed by the Black Shark and aerial combat between anything other than the AI 190 and the P-51 is imbalanced. I can see how the Warthog and the Blackshark pair well with modern ground units. The rest of the time I am stuck pondering which ground units to pair with the remaining aircraft. At this point I've stopped making missions because I'm very confused. With the mix match of aircraft and ground units I end up with an airshow gone rogue.


How do you determine the appropriate selection of ground units?


Which ground units are appropriate for the Huey?



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Unarmed trucks and light attack vehicles like the BDRM-2, BTR-80 and ZSU-23 on a Ural are good targets for the Huey and P-51D.


Eventually the sim should have more toys to play with across multiple eras. Right now its heavily leaning on the modern day side of things.

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