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Flight of 4 only shows up with 1 aircraft in game

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I had my first go with the mission editor to try and create a simple A2A practice mission for the FC3 F-15C.


I set up my aircraft head out over the ocean near Batumi with just the starting point and one waypoint out a ways over the water. I created a flight IL-78's that start ahead of me and to my right that cross my path and then kind of turn around and head back toward the North.


In the "unit" section for the IL-78 flight, I have the "of" field set to 4, however, when I fly the mission I only get one enemy aircraft.


Am I missing something?


I can post the mission later if that helps.

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Don't forget you can "clone" that flight of 1 aircraft 4 times so that you don't have to redo all the waypoints 4 times. Alternatively you can use a "follow" command which works well but keep the spacing more than 200 feet.


cntrl-c to copy the unit and cntrl-v to paste it.


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