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About Oakes SIOC Export/Import Scripts and OC cards?


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I´m new at here and this is my first post of this forum.


I have started to build my own A-10C cocpit about two month ago, and I have some panels ready with toggle switches with them inputs, and everything is working great, but now it´s time to move outputs of the game.


So my question is.

Is it possible to use OC cards and SIOC in DCS World A-10C 1.2.4 any more? And if it is, HOW?:helpsmilie:


All the posts of SIOC are like three years old, and the DCS game folder have changed so much that any of these "instructions" seems to be correct any more.


I have OC´s USBExpansion + MasterCard, but I don´t know what to do them.

Throw in the trashcan?


Sorry for my English.

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