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Ship view problems


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Hi there,



It seems that for a while, at least since the 1.2 version of DCS World has started..., the F9 key which was usually preset for viewing available ships, works only once, meaning that it shows you only the first ship that you click from the F10 map or the first random ship that you can view, and then if you turn your view to anything else (pressing F1 or any other view function) you won't be able to view any more ships by pressing F9, unless you want to travel to one using the F11 capability:joystick:. The F9 seems to work like a one use only function per mission start.:mad:


I don't know if i'm the only one having this issue as i'm using a laptop (Asus with 4GB of Ram, I5 processor, GT 540M video card) which has a HD aspect ratio (1.77778 or 16:9) with a maximum resolution (which i use) of 1366x768, which is indeed not a pretty nice one, but i'd really want to know if is there anyone else having the same problem on viewing ships.



Thank you!




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