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Can I play FC3?

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I would buy FC3 but I am not sure my laptop is able to run properly the software. :helpsmilie:




Intel core Duo T6600 @ 2,20 Ghz 2,20 Ghz

4 Gb RAM

Win 7 64 bit Ultimate SP1

Nvidia Geforce 9600 M GT

saitek x52


Can anyone give some hints about it, please? I don`t wanna waste money...

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Best thing to do is download DCS World from here


Install it and fly the FREE SU-25T around.


Note framerates, adjust settings etc etc and see what you think of the performance.


Most FC3 aircraft are quite similar to the free SU-25T in DCS World when it comes to the system resources they use.


Make sure to decide before the 30th of june though, cause that's when the summer sale is ending.

Well, don't HAVE to ofcourse, but would be a shame if you bought it just a couple days after the sale at full price instead of a 40% discount (FC3) or a 60% discount for other modules.



Some graphic settings that have a big impact on fps;

Water (set to LOW)

Visib Range

Heat Blur (experiment whit off and on)

Mirrors cause huge fps drops (found under "options" and then the "gameplay" tab, right lower side of the window)

Ress of cockpit displays. Set to 512 or 1024, CERTAINLY NOT THE "EVERY FRAME" ones.

Tree and cockpit shadows can also cause big fps drops (tick boxes RH side)

Clutter/bushes slider i recommend to set at 0

Trees slider also has big impact on FPS, but flying in a tree less world may not be to much fun.


And then there's the more well known stuff like HDR, AA, MSAA etc etc


Hope this helps.



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hi 159th_Falcon well, to be honest i tried with DCS world and it works. Sure not with the highest settings, basically everything is almost off or low level but works. so in your opinion does it worth buy fc3 to play at its graphic minimum level? or would be better buying fc2 and the 1st version of flaming cliffs? thank you for your opinion, it is really important to me.

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Sorry for the late reply, overlooked this thread.


Personally, if you need to run it at minimum settings. I wouldn't buy any of the other modules. But that's just me.

Specially cause you will probably struggle on the busier multiplayer missions.


Also, even though Flaming Cliffs 2 is older then Flaming Cliffs 3, it doesn't necessarily mean it will run better on your system.


So yeah, though one to give any solid advice, personally, i either wouldn't buy it,

Or get a new PC, but then again, i'm a bit crazy.:pilotfly:


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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Multiplayer will not take up a ton more system resources than single player will, except for some maps where the mission designer added a bajillion and one units. Honestly, playing at low graphics settings has never detracted from the gameplay for me personally, you shouldnt have a lot less fun than anyone else just because you are using low graphics settings. As long as you aren't stuttering at 12FPS most of the time, you should be fine. Honestly, multiplayer is the absolute best part about the flaming cliffs series, which is why you shouldn't consider fc1 or 2. If you can play at low settings at get acceptable FPS in DCS World, you should absolutely buy FC3 :D


Edit: wow, didn't realize how old this thread was!

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