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Freeware projects?


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is there any developer working on freeware project for dcs world? i know developing for dcs is more complicated ands needs more time than the other simulation projects but maybe a little hope?


sorry for writing that but i think since ED come up with payware third party project ideas all the developers - maybe modders and skinners likewise - hope they will able to make some money too - not only ED

but in contrast i see to do/make something new is very difficult and time-consuming - especially without public SDKs (what microsoft released quickly for their flight simulator cummunity) - so i can understand they will need some fee for their hard and lengthy work - just think about grandsurf's never released projects

so i guess we will see only just a few freeware projects - but in my dreams i hope i will be wrong with MHO

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My personal Projects will be freeware, when i get time to work on them,


Also, Team VRC's first project will be freeware

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