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Communication Radio Menu problems


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I've been flying BS2 & A-10C in Sim mode for quite a while without having any issues with Communication Radio.


I've just purchased P-51D & UH-1H Huey and I'm having the same weird Radio problem with both, so it can't be a coincidence. Before takeoff in P-51D the Radio Menu opens OK and I communicate with ATC, but once airborne, The Radio Menu command doesn't react / open any more. The same problem with Huey with the difference before takeoff, I open Radio Menu I send a request for takeoff or something else, I see the command in written, but there is no Audio or any reply even in written.


I looked for solutions in the Topic "radio commands don't work once airborne"/http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.ph...ght=radio+menu... I don't know what's about SPU-9 PTT, but I didn't find this line / it doesn't exist under the \keyboard\keyboard.lua file:


{combos = {{key = "/", reformers = {"LCtrl", "LAlt", }}, }, down = iCommandPlane_SPU9_radio_change, name = "SPU-9 Radio communicator selector", category = "Systems"}

to place this line:

{combos = {{key = "\\", reformers = {"RAlt", }}, }, down = iCommandPlane_SPU9_PTT_on, up = iCommandPlane_SPU9_PTT_off, name = "SPU-9 PTT", category = "Ins Collective Stick"},

So what to do?


I didn't follow it up there because it was in the Ka-50 Forum, and I thought P-51D issues should be dealt with separately in its own Forum.

P.S. This sort of problems should be solved in an update due to the level of complexity and the risk of screwing things while messing in LUA files

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WIN 10-64 Pro. MoBo: ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING. SSD: SAMSUNG 970 EVO+ M.2. CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K. GPU: MANLI RTX 2080 Ti. RAM: HyperX 3200 MHz 32 GB. Monitor: ASUS VG278H 3D /VR: Pimax 4K/TrackIR-5/SAITEK X55-Yoke-Rudder-Trim Wheel.

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