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I somehow deleted all the preset keys for the P51-SIM keys.


Is there any way to get them all back?


I tried uninstalling the module and re-installing it, but that did not work. The keys for the P51-game are still as they should be.


Thanks in advance

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Instruction for 'P-51D Sim' default keyboard profile restoring all keys at once (without having to click "Default" in each line):



DCS World OPTIONS > CONTROLS > P-51D Sim > Than Highlight the keyboard row >

Select "LOAD PROFILE" > Navigate to ...\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\P-51D\Input\P-51D*\keyboard and select the 'default.lua'

> Click OK


*Do it with the "P-51D_easy" folder when it happened to you with the Easy flight model.



This vid shows the necessary steps, but for the A-10C.

(staring at 43s)

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...something to add:

Before de-and reinstalling in the future when something is 'somehow' broken again , have a look in C:\Users\>YOUR USERNAME<\Saved Games\DCS\


This is the place of all game specific user profiles and settings .


renaming/moving/deleting this folder let DCS world recreate a new one at next start - and all is a mint condition again.


and your crated profiles are stored in ...\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\...


you can also only delete/move this folder to set everything controller related back - or dig a little deeper and only delete/move wished input file.


Welcome Aboard!


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