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Need help in assigning axis from previous a10c to A10c world with CH HOTAS


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I have A10C on DCS world and am trying to assing my HOTAS Ch Fighterstick, throttle, pedal and mini stick axis.


In the non A10C option, under "Sim" I had multiple assignment option under each item.

For example, under any of the Ch Control manager in the options screen, I could assing axis, X, Y, Z, Slider 1, Slider 2, and many others. This was needed to assign the three different required axis for the pedals, yaw and roll controls, brakes, throttle and mini stick slew controls.


But under A10C in DCS world, each CH Control Manager option is limited to the number of different axis.

For example, on Ch Control Manager will only allow Slider1, X axis and Y axis. The next one only allows X axis and Y axis to be assigned. I need the various different ones for all the function that I need.


Any idea on how to get the different number of axis assignments back?

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