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Installing Modules & Feeling Silly.


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Hi All


I know the following question is going to make me look a little daft, but I'm far too old and ugly to care about looking silly. :lol:


I've had "Black Shark 1" since release and was tempted by the "Black Shark 2" upgrade, but never got around to actually doing it. I also bought "A-10C" on release and having converted to the DCS World module version of that instead, I had another reason to put the Shark upgrade on hold, as frankly the old grey matter is strictly limited and I didn't want to try concentrating on both at the same time. :lol:


The recent DCS sale though has made me pounce on "Black Shark 2" (I couldn't be bothered working out how to upgrade the original, for the sake of a $4 difference) and also "UH-1". My gaming piggy bank is now empty, but my flight sim cup doth overflow. :lol:


Installing "BS2" though (and keep in mind you're not dealing with the sharpest tack in the box) initially saw me able to select it afterwards, but not seeing any missions etc. Until I noticed near the missions window a link labelled something like "Install English". I clicked on this and a gig and a half download later I had the missions. :thumbup: So it was like an install within an install I guess.


Inspired by this success I suddenly realised that the "SU15" which came free with "DCS World" also has one of these links. (Yep that's right.. I'd never clicked on it!) So another gig and a half later I now have missions for that as well! Fantastic!


But what is the question I hear you ask?..


Well "A-10C" and "UH-1" didn't have one of these "Install English" links, the missions were there right off the bat and once I did the clicking for "BS2" and "SU15" they also had the missions instead of the link.... But today I notice that the "Install English" link is there again for both "BS2" and "SU15". I suppose I could just click on it and see what happens, but I thought I'd ask you guys first. Why is the link back? :lol:


All the best


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