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Searching fir mission (A-10C, " dynamic"JTAC tasking)

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Hi folks, some days ago, before I had DCS:A-10C I read in this subforum I believe about a mission someone made where you are on station somewhere in the A-10 and then get tasks from time to time somehow dynamic by JTACs if I remember correctly. I think it was mentioned that the mission was modeled after a book by a Hog driver in Afghanistan, but I'm not sure. I only quickly read over it as I didn't have the module at the time.


Now that I bought the A-10 in the sale i'd like to try that as it really sounded great, but I can't for the life of me find the mission or the thread where it was mentioned. I think it might've been in some thread about the Huey or missions for it, as that was what I was mostly reading at the time.


Any ideas what I mean and where I could find it ?


Thanks in advance,



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